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Kindness for Kaysen

In the beginning, Kindness for Kaysen started with doing random acts of kindness to carry on Kaysen’s name and to honor his life; to make a difference in this world for him. Since then we have grown so much and are honored to be able to serve those who are living through the loss of a child. This month we want to give back a little to those who care in the earliest hours of heartbreak and pain. 

This is what Kaysen’s mom wrote a few years back about the nurses who cared for her when Kaysen was stillborn … “You held me in my darkest, weakest moments. You took care of me when my world was crashing down around me. You showed me love and compassion, without expecting anything in return. You cried with me and for me. To all the nurses who choose to be a part of such an intimate time in the lives of others, thank you. We see you, we remember you, and we appreciate you more than you will ever know.”

Kaysen’s family invite you to join them this month in putting together ‘goodie baskets’ that will be taken to the nurses stations at Hillcrest Women’s Center at the end of February. We will include a wish list in the comments and you can contact us to arrange a time to get your items to us. 

Thank you for your love and support in helping us spread Kindness for Kaysen!