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12 Daily Reminders for the Grieving Parent

1.  Honor your grief today.  Others may minimize it or want you to have a different feeling.  Don’t look to others to understand it.  Only you know the magnitude of your loss.

2.  Not even death can end our love.  I will talk to you today from my heart.

3.  I am sad.  That is what grief feels like sometimes.  Let me have my own experience of it.  I recognize sadness as a part of healing.

4.  Meaning in this loss may come in time, it can’t be rushed or found for me.  Healing takes time.  Today, I look forward to finding peace.

5.  Loss can also be a period of growth.  Today be open to awareness of new growth and changes.  

6.  When your child died, a part of you died with them.  And a part of them lives on in you.

7.  As you experience the sadness of the loss, find gratitude for the love you shared and the experiences you had.  I remember you today with love and gratitude.

8.  Pain is inevitable in grief, suffering is optional.  Help my mind to be kind to me today.  I will not punish myself for anything I did or didn’t do.

9.  Remember your past, cherish your memories.  Don’t live only there.  You are still alive, look around yourself today.  See the new day.  You are still making memories.  There is more of life to come.  Your story is not over.  Trust the process.

10.  We can be hard on ourselves in grief.  Today I will be gentle with myself.

11.  The road I am on is a journey of the heart.  All my memories live within me.  I am moving towards healing.

12.  Healing grief does not mean you forget.  There will always be a hole in your heart.  It will still hurt, but with time it will hurt less often.  Allow the power of grief to further your healing and remember that your love is forever.