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About Us

Board of Directors

"Kindness for Kaysen was created when our son, Kaysen Frank Sellers, was stillborn on May 20, 2015. I started by just creating a blog and sharing my feelings and where I was at in my grief. My hopes for the blog was that through my grief, sadness, and healing, I would be able to help others going through similar struggles.

We started to help people and do random acts of kindness in honor of Kaysen. I feel like helping others is a great way to remember him. I love it when people tell me how Kaysen has impacted their lives.

After thinking, praying, and talking with family, we decided to start doing fundraisers to raise money to help families pay for their babies’ grave markers. It was so important to us to have a grave marker for Kaysen as soon as possible. We were blessed by family, friends, and strangers, and were able to pay for Kaysen’s grave marker in full immediately. We want to be able to bless others so that they can do the same.

After lots and lots of prayer, in February 2016 we decided to take the leap and turn Kindness for Kaysen into an official not-for-profit foundation. We hoped that this transition would open doors for more fundraising opportunities. We also hoped that this would help lead to more opportunities to serve grieving families in our community.

In January 2018, we opened our first office.  With that expansion, we really hoped to be able to provide more services to grieving families and increase the impact we had on our community.  We started our journey of partnering with local hospitals to provide in-hospital care packages to families who experience child loss.

Our vision for Kindness for Kaysen foundation is to be able to not only help financially, but truly walk on this journey of grieving and healing with the families that we serve."

-Sara Sellers, Kaysen’s mom