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2020 Wave of Light

Tonight we are participating in the National Wave of Light.  All across the world, we will create a “Wave of Light” by lighting a candle at 7pm, in remembrance of our children who passed away too soon. 
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2020 Virtual Benefit

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and this year we would be hosting our 2nd Annual Benefit Dinner.  Please join us on Facebook this week as we bring you this event virtually! Throughout the week we will be sharing on Facebook about the impact we made in 2020, and we will be raising funds to help us continue our mission into the new year!  If you feel led, please consider donating to our foundation and/or share this fundraiser with your friends!   If you would like to donate, please check out our Facebook Fundraiser here , or you can mail a check to PO BOX 3761, Broken Arrow, OK, 74013. Due to COVID, this will be our only 2020 fundraiser and we need your help this year more than ever!  Thank you for partnering with us, as we fulfill our mission of bringing hope to families in their darkest moments.  

2020 Virtual Wave of Light Benefit

💙💜 October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. 💙💜 We have been so humbled at the amount of support we have received this year, even in the midst of a global pandemic! Because of that support, we have been able to walk alongside so many grieving families and we are truly grateful. Unfortunately, along with all of our 2020 fundraisers, we have had to make the hard decision to cancel an in-person benefit dinner this year. This decision makes us so sad, but we know it is what’s best for our community right now. In place of this year’s 2nd Annual Benefit dinner, we have created a Virtual Benefit that will launch on Saturday, October 10 right here on our website, as well as Facebook! Please join us online throughout that week to learn about the impact we have made this year. On Thursday, October 15 we will also be participating in the “Wave of Light” as we honor the families we serve and their children in Heaven. Thank you for your support! Love, The Kindness for Kaysen Fo

Thank you so much!

We are so thankful for all the love, support and donations we have received throughout the covid19 crisis that enable us to continue to support grieving parents during a time when social distancing and quarantines have prevented us from doing our usual fundraising events. 

Our Little Ladybug

Today we should have been welcoming our precious baby into this world.   Baby Sellers is so loved, so wanted, and so missed.

Happy 5th Heavenly Birthday baby boy

5 years ago, our sweet Kaysen was born.   We love you and we miss you.

12 Daily Reminders for the Grieving Parent

1.  Honor your grief today.  Others may minimize it or want you to have a different feeling.  Don’t look to others to understand it.  Only you know the magnitude of your loss. 2.  Not even death can end our love.    I will talk to you today from my heart. 3.  I am sad.    That is what grief feels like sometimes.    Let me have my own experience of it.    I recognize sadness as a part of healing. 4.  Meaning in this loss may come in time, it can’t be rushed or found for me.    Healing takes time.    Today, I look forward to finding peace. 5.  Loss can also be a period of growth.    Today be open to awareness of new growth and changes.   6.  When your child died, a part of you died with them.    And a part of them lives on in you. 7.  As you experience the sadness of the loss, find gratitude for the love you shared and the experiences you had.    I remember you today with love and gratitude. 8.  Pain is inevitable in grief, suffering is optional.    Help my